Thursday, March 21, 2013

About Me

Hello everyone!
    My name is Krissy and it's very nice to meet you!

    As a little girl, I was never really into dresses, flowers, or beautiful things. Growing up with two brothers lends you to be more taken with video games, manhunt and computers.
And now that I am older, I am finally getting this lovely marriage of the two sides. I have this drive to build a home and be a much more well-rounded woman.
    I have been painting for over 5 years now, self taught. You might see a glimpse or two of my paintings during your stay here.
    So here you will find tidbits and stories of my life. Learning to budget. To be a better artist. To cook a delicious dinner. To make an amazing home with my incredible boyfriend. All this while still fixing my own computer and kicking butt in Marvel Vs. Capcom. And I will probably be covered in paint and flour while doing so.

     So anyway, this is me and it was so nice of you to visit.

This is my own little guide to life. I hope I'm getting it right.

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